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Cultural Agility

Cultural Agility Definition

"The ability to be one's authentic cultural self while engaging others and honoring their authentic cultural selves" (Peake and Jordan, 2016).  Our services are based upon the premise that each individual has a unique cultural self, and identifying and honoring one's cultural self allows for honoring others.  Cultural Agility is not another  "diversity" course but instead a disposition that allows for movement from cultural encapsulation to cultural engagement.  Increasing connections and participation, while decreasing conflict and dissatisfaction.

Who Benefits?

Cultural Agility allows for everyone who participates to benefit regardless of gender, race, religion, phenotype,  socio-economic status, sexual orientation or numerous other identities.  The goal is not to "profile" populations of people, but instead, develop skills to be Culturally Agile.  Our professional development workshops aim to invoke, evoke, and provoke individual growth and cultural shifts that allow each person to be themselves in work and learning spaces.  Our youth and family workshops are all facilitated from a Culturally Agile perspective.

Why Cultural Agility Matters...

Cultural Agility matters because every individual is unique and this uniqueness influences our daily interactions with others who are different from ourselves, whether in appearance, beliefs, practices, or thoughts.  Engaging learners, families and the community is key to having programming that thrives instead of survives.  Creating Culturally Agile work and learning spaces can increase engagement and productivity while decreasing misunderstandings, conflict, and time off task.  We can help you Prepare Instead of Repair!


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