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The book Please Understand - Insights for Assisting Vulnerable Youth  is used nationwide in pre-K-12 school districts, youth development agencies, and with pre-service teachers and volunteers to provide insights into the realities faced by youth living in vulnerable situations. 

Professional Development workshops that delve into the issues presented in Please Understand are available for small and large groups.  Books can be purchased here and some workshops include copies of books for each attendee.   

Please Understand takes the reader to a place many are not allowed to go - the secret thoughts of socially, emotionally, and economically deprived children.  The thoughts of these children and power of their pleas are presented to promote an understanding of an often times misunderstood, ignored, and disposable population.  Educators, human services professionals, and anyone concerned about children will be enlightened, saddened and empowered to seek further understanding, extend care and fiercely protect the hearts and souls of our most vulnerable.  

The Please Understand Photo Exhibit is also available for two week bookings with optional workshop sessions.

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From Please Understand:  "The walk to my bus is dangerous and scary, but I make it everyday to see you and learn"

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