About Us

Our Experience


With over 25 years of experience serving diverse youth, families, and communities, we have created Cultural Agility Training.  Now we share our passion by helping others move from cultural encapsulation to cultural engagement. Our process is designed to empower educators, youth development professionals, and anyone in helping fields with the skills they need to connect with others. Talk to us today about how we can support your growth. 

Our Approach


Our services vary depending upon client need and goals. Services can include a comprehensive consult to help identify gaps and opportunities in the areas of equity and inclusion, individual and group Cultural Agility Training,  and community based courses designed for cultural engagement.  Tell us your aspirations and we will assist you with invoking, evoking, and provoking movement along the cultural encapsulation to cultural agility continuum. 

Why Us?


Our approach is based upon the premise that every individual has an authentic "cultural self" that deserves to be identified and honored to then learn Cultural Agility skills to effectively engage with others.  We have worked with thousands of satisfied learners of all levels and backgrounds, allowing us to provide engaging services leading to desired outcomes.  Our facilitators represent multiple identities and honor the multiple identities of others.