Community Based Courses


These courses cover a variety of topics related to engaging individuals, youth, families and communities.  Topics and courses rotate throughout the year so check the Upcoming Courses Section for course offerings.  Some courses are designed for educators, counselors, and anyone in the helping fields and other courses are designed for youth and families.  These course can also be facilitated at your location during your preferred times.

Sample Topics For Professionals and Volunteers 

Cultural Agility Training  (c)  - Intro

Cultural Agility Training  (c) - Advanced

Working with Families Living in Poverty

P.R.O.C.E.S.S. Training  - Prepare Instead of Repair (c)  -  PBIS for Professionals

Information, Not Speculation (c)  - Learning About Families from Families

UNPARENTED (c) - How to support youth who are unparented

Culturally Agile Trauma Informed Care (c)

Sample Topics for Youth and Families

Self Efficacy and Advocacy - Communicating for Change

From High School to College - Preparing for the Culture Shift

Real Deal Parenting (c) -  Skill Building for Diverse Family Systems

O. P. T. I. O. N. S. Training (c) - Youth Decision Making Skill Building

Culturally Agile Evaluation and Planning


Culture within an educational setting or agency is often established without intention, has usually been inherited, and is difficult to self-assess.  We provide observation, evaluation, and assessment to assist with identifying opportunities and gaps to create Culturally Agile working and learning spaces; benefiting employees, volunteers, and participants.  Contact us today to discuss your needs and goals.  We can provide the how and the wow!

Keynote, Presentation and Speaking Engagements


Invoking, Evoking, and Provoking change involves various levels of engagement.  Local, State, and National speaking and presentation engagements include: INSPIRE Conference, Cornerstone University Intercultural Lecture Series, Western Michigan University Early Teacher Conference, Michigan College Access Network Conference, Michigan AfterSchool Association, National AfterSchool Association, the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education, and more!